The Past

Adam and I have attended the same school since 7th grade, although we didn't actually say a word to each other until our sophmore year in highschool.  We began hanging out in the same crowd around that time and our friendship turned into a relationship 3 years later.  After just a few short months of dating Adam moved to Southern California and our fling turned into a long distance relationship for a year and a half until Adam moved back to our hometown.

The Present

Adam and I have now been together for just over 9 years!  We bought our first home together in February 2009 and just adopted a pup named Chloe. 

The Future

We are so looking forward to getting married on May 30, 2010!  ...and they lived happily ever after!

I've been collecting inspiration photos along the way and don't remember where I've found them all.  If any of these are your images please contact me on the knot bay area board (Lindze75) so that I can give you credit!  Thanks!